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AR/VR in K-12 Education Virtual Summit (online)
2 Days | 5+ AR Demos | 40+ Global Speakers-educators |2000+ attendees Register now to attend Live streeming/ ONLINE Event free of charge *** To get lifetime access to video recordings of all of the presentations, any materials or handouts from the presenters for download, plus other goodies as announced check ticket options! Sponsored by Click to watch a video -- The 1st Global AR/VR in K-12 Education Summit (online event) that brings together researchers, best AR for Education content creators, global K-12 educators, and Institutions aiming to identify current challenges and promote collaborations in bringing AR into the classrooms. The Summit is designed to improve teaching and share best educational practices to empower students learning and help them develop 21st-century skills preparing for the future workforce. Workshops and presentation from global educators’ community sharing their knowledge, experience, best teaching and learning practices of integrating augmented reality (AR) with a focus on STEM curriculum to K-12 pedagogy. Ready to disrupt the pedagogical approach towards teaching and reimagine education in your classroom? Let’s transform students learning experience and help them achieve higher academic results. Get access to the best global practices from your home, office or classroom. Register now for FREE Live Event. Recordings of the event are available for purchase (All-Access Pass). Event Dates and Time: 8 November 2019: 12.30 - 21.30 CET 9 November 2019: 12.30 - 21.30 CET Featured Speakers: Summit Schedule & Content: Day 1 Day 2 Who should attend: K-12 Educators Content Creators Instructional Designers Educational Institutions School District Representatives Homeschool Educators EdTech Enthusiasts and Consultants Library media specialists FAQs If you have additional questions please contact
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