AI in schools — here's what we need to consider
Robots for tutoring? The desire to keep pace with technological change should not eclipse larger questions about how children's development is impacted.
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L'intelligence artificielle dans nos vies, au travail: s'adapter ou périr?
Les humains devront adapter leur vie et leur travail à l'arrivée disruptive des machines intelligentes. En fait-on assez en formation et perfectionnement ?
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Experimentally Augmenting an Intelligent Tutoring System with Human-supplied Capabilities
Canadian AI Ecosystem 2018 - jfgagne
With last year’s Canadian AI Ecosystem report, we aimed to test our hypothesis that the Canadian AI Ecosystem is larger than it is often represented. Since then, we have already seen a 28% increase in the number of active AI-related startups in Canada. We want to continue to shed light on the burgeoning Canadian AI Ecosystem with an updated report that delves into a little more detail. This report is the result of a broad collaboration. Great people from considering Canada, Real Ventures, Invest Canada, and ISDE Canada, have provided us with a huge amount of data. We also aggregated data from Crunchbase,, CBInsights, Tracxn, and Pitchbook. With the treasure trove of data we ended up with, it was only a question of doing some cleaning, organizing it, some analysis work to identify the trends, and showing it to the world. Our database also goes to feed’s directory where you can search for Canada’s AI startups. We hope to show how the work of so many dedicated actors across the ecosystem has paid off, and we aim to give more visibility to the ecosystem as a whole. A Few Missing Names Some of the maps, research labs, in...
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Vol 1, No 1 (2019)
Journal of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for education
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