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Eiu163 Msft Multimodal Learning Playbook V4
The Community of Inquiry
A research community for studying the Community of Inquiry
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Community of inquiry as a theoretical framework to foster “epistemic engagement” and “cognitive presence” in online education
In this paper, several recent theoretical conceptions of technology-mediated education are examined and a study of 2159 online learners is presented. …
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Active Learning in Hybrid and Physically Distanced Classrooms
by Derek Bruff, Director If you’ve read Norman Clark’s hypothetical day in the life of a physically distanced classroom, then you’ve probably started to worry about how faculty and other instructors might facilitate discussion, group work, and other forms of active learning this fall. If I’m standing at the front of the classroom with half...
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15 Fall Scenarios | Inside Higher Ed
Higher education in a time of social distancing.
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Why school boards need to listen to online learning professionals | Tony Bates
Guzman, Y. (2020) Students miss out and teachers feel overwhelmed as school boards blend in-person and virtual classes The Globe and Mail , November 1
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Hybrid-Flexible Course Design
This volume provides readers with methods, case stories, and strategies related to Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) course design so that they may make decisions about using it themselves and even begin their ...
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