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Stay informed about the latest developments Learn practical applications for your teaching Consider ethical implications Three focal points: 1 Learning experience AI is used to: personalize the learning experience for students by adapting the material and pace to individual needs and progress measure, collect, analyze and provide feedback on students’ progress inform the
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ChatGPT, Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in Education
AI just stormed into the classroom with the emergence of ChatGPT. How do we teach now that it exists? How can we use it? Here are some ideas.FEATURED
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Repository of AI and Plagiarism Articles | PUPP
We created this page to regroup articles, possible solutions and researches on artificial intelligence, plagiarism and academic integrity.
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Vol. 43 No. 3: Fall 2022 | AI Magazine
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ChatGPT et IA en éducation

Veille sur l'intelligence artificielle en éducation |

Click the image below to access the Padlet created by journalist Alexandre Gagné