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Can 360 virtual reality tasks impact L2 willingness to communicate? | Kevin Papin Article found on pages 243-249
The Use of Virtual Reality Technology in Foreign Language Education from Teachers' Perspectives | Bella Tran (Oxford University)
Evaluation of Virtual Reality Technology and Online Teaching System for Medical Students in Ukraine During COVID-19 Pandemic | Tsekhmister, Y., Konovalova, T., Tsekhmister, B., Agrawal, A. & Ghosh, D. (2021).
The Applicability of Augmented Reality Technologies for Evaluating Learning Activities | Sembayev, T., Nurbekova, Z. & Abildinova, G. (2021).
Hamilton, ON - EON Reality
In partnership with Mohawk College, EON Reality is now opening the Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Hamilton, ON, Canada. The new IDC houses a VR Innovation Academy, which teaches the skills needed to be successful in creating AR and VR content and applications for industry and training. The IDC will build on the growing technology and Virtual Reality community in Ontario and help position Mohawk College as a leading location for EON-XR development and education in North America.
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Antecedents and Consequences of User Acceptance of Three-Dimensional Virtual Worlds in Higher Education
Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of five factors on the user acceptance of Three-Dimensional Virtual Worlds (3DVWs) in higher education. Another objective of the study was to investigate the effects of the application of 3DVWs on five variables relevant to positive outcomes for higher education students. Background: Three-Dimensional Virtual Worlds (3DVW). Highlight of results: "Findings suggest that application of 3DVWs has a significant impact on student satisfaction, learning outcome, retention, course engagement, and students’ graduate outcome. The study confirms that computer self-efficacy of higher education students does not have a positive impact on the acceptance of 3DVWs."
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Dreamscape Immersive, ASU launch bold partnership to bring cutting-edge virtual reality to learners worldwide
Dreamscape Immersive, the world’s leading virtual reality company, and ASU have teamed up to transform education through exploration. The new partnership, Dreamscape Learn, merges the emotional power of the best Hollywood storytelling with the nation’s leader in online and digitally enhanced education to deliver fully immersive VR learning systems to the ASU community and beyond. Dreamscape Learn will add avatar-driven VR experiences to both campus-based and online courses, and it will also include the establishment of immersive, experiential Dreamscape Learn Labs on ASU campuses.
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Digital Bodies - VR, AR, and AI
Digital Bodies offers news and analysis of VR, AR, and AI and how they will revolutionize the future of learning, work, and entertainment. We offer education consulting services, Augmented and Virtual Reality workshops, interactive sessions, and keynote talks on emerging technologies and the ethical challenges in our future.
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