Online Curation & Social Annotation

A Guide to Integrating Social Annotation in the Classroom
PowerPoint Presentation Introducing Social Annotation
Social Annotation Marking Rubric And Checklist
Perusall | Research
Motivate students with a social learning experience to increase engagement, drive collaboration, and build community through course content, including books, articles, web pages, videos, podcasts, and images.
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Social Learning Summit 2022 : Hypothesis
Recordings of Showcase and workshop sessions in which educators share how they use social annotation in the classroom. A useful source for best social annotation practices.
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How to use social annotation in the classroom
Want to make online readings a little more engaging? Social annotation (SA) may offer one solution. SA tools allow students to highlight and comment on online course materials, sharing questions an…
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Perusall blog
Perusall blog: a resource for teachers using for social annotation
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Bringing Theories to Practice: Universal Design Principles and the Use of Social Annotation to Support Neurodiverse Students | Faculty Focus
Social annotation tools provide instructors with a platform for applying principles of UDL in their courses to support neurodiverse learners.
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Back to School with Annotation: 10 Ways to Annotate with Students
by Jeremy Dean, Director of Education at
It’s back-to-school season and I find myself once again encouraging teachers to discuss course readings with their students using collaborative web annotation technologies like Hypothesis. Though relatively new to Hypothesis, I’ve been making this pitch for a few years now, but in conversations with educators of
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Sample Social Annotation With Hypothesis